I set up a new wordpress blog last fall when I was looking for a job. I think now it is time to revamp this site for at least two reasons.

  • I had 800+ spam comments in the moderation queue. This is just insanity. From now on, my blog will not be having comments. Sorry, world, but it’s just not worth it. :)

  • I started to work for Red Hat, in the Open Source and Standards team, which should keep me busy with community related design work, and (surprise! ;)) websites quite a bit. So this is a good moment and motivation to catch up with the tools. Tools like Awestruct and AsciiDoc which I used to quickly cook up this site (hey, Thomas, it now has the feed!)

So, I converted my blog to a static site and will be doing a very minimal design to focus on the content, and learning what’s been happening in the web sphere while I was doing the internet tablets and N9. Like most things in life, going static appears to be a trend, but one that makes sense to me right now.

I’ll also ponder a bit as what kind of content this blog would feature. Perhaps something related to work. We’ll see — perhaps things related to usability, communities and web & visual design.

If you want your say, poke me at @tigert.